Most Asked Questions

Do you allow FTP ?:

No, we only allow you to upload via the browser. You can now upload 10 files at once.

Do you allow CGI files ? What file types do you allow ? :

No, we only allow jpg, gif, wav, mid, class, css, js, jar, fla, swf, dcr, txt, htm, and html files. If you need another file type post it in the Help Forum

Can you help me with HTML? :

No sorry, at this time we cant as we have thousands of members. There are lots of excellent websites and resources to learn how to build websites. Check out the “Members Resources” section on the front page. There are also many good books on learning HTML.
Dont forget to post any questions in the help forum.

Im using frames and I have a banner in every frame ? :

At this time we don`t fully support frames. The reason is we refuse to go to pop-up banners so we cant support multiple frames. The majority of people think that frames sites are annoying, especially when you get stuck in a frame. If you look at the majority of major websites and top search engines around the world you will notice they dont use frames. If you need a side menu bar its easy to make one with the “table” tag just as we have done on the Dreamwater home page.

I have more than one banner on my page ? :

The problem is with your HTML code, you probably have more than one “body” tag. In HTML you must only have one body tag per page.

I can`t log into the help forum ? :

The help forum uses a different username and password system to your web space. Go to the help forum and press “register” to sign up. Its at the top right hand side between profile and Faq

I signed up but didn`t get my password ?:

Chances are you made a mistake with the typing of your email address or your e-mail provider is slow or down. If you dont get an e-mail within 4 hours re-apply for an account.

I tried my password but it doesnt work:

Watch how you type in the password as it is case sensitive, recheck the e-mail to make sure you get it correctly. also check you are using the correct username as it is written in the email.
It may be worth using copy and paste to make sure you have the correct password but be careful not add spaces before or after the password, this will cause it to fail.

I lost my password ?:

No problem, go to the member login page and type in your username and press “get lost password” . It will be sent to your e-mail address.

Can I host my own domain? :

Yes, just login into your account and click on “register a domain”

Do you do subdomains?:

Yes, If your have the URL you can also use the URL

My images don`t show up on Ebay or other websites.:

The reason is we don`t allow hotlinking images, the answer is to put your images on a webpage here at Dreamwater and put a URL at the auction site to that page.

When I go to my website I just see a list of files?:

The problem is you do not have an “index.html” in your home directory. When you type in all web servers look for

I made changes to my files but they didnt show up in the browser ?:

The problem is with your browser, they will store you old pages in an area called the cache. Press the reload or refresh button and you should see you changes, if not clear the cache in your browser.

I posted a message on the web board or guest book but it doesnt show up ?:

The problem is with your browser, they will store you old pages in an area called the cache. Press the reload or refresh button and you should see you changes, if not clear the cache in your browser.

My page Still says I havnt moved in ?:

When you type in your address what you really see is
You need to replace or delete the index.html file with the page you wish to be the home page. Its important that you name it index.html as this is the default file that all web servers look for first.

My account has gone. :

It may have been deleted for breaking the terms and conditions which you agreed to when you signed up. Including logging in at least once every 30 days.

Where do I login and upload my files ?:

Go to the homepage and click on “member login”

Do you support MS Frontpage and Frontpage extentions ?:

Yes and No ! You can upload html pages made in Frontpage via our online browser FTP. You cannot upload them directly via Frontpage itself. To upload files, just login to your account and click on “File Uploads”.

What is the largest file you can upload?:

The biggest file we allow at the moment is 200 killobytes (200K)

I want to leave and delete my account:

No Problem, log in to your account, click on the “account information” link. You will find a button to delete your account and all its files. Be warned, once your account is deleted your files are gone !

How does Dreamwater pay for these services ?:

We have an ad banner at the top of every html page.

I need more webspace ?:

When you have nearly used up your allocation then post a message in the help forum and we will increase your allocation. Please post your login username and e-mail address but NOT your password !

My images or webpages dont show up ?:

Check the file names and the directories, remember that file names are case sensitive so foo.html is not the same as Foo.html .

I change my web page but when I look in the browser it doesn`t change ?:

The reason you see the old page or file is because of your browser cache which stores the old page on you hard disk. Hit reload or clear your browser cache to see the changes.