What are Dreamwater Free webpages ?
How do I make an account? 
How do I use my account? 
Web Page Tutorial 
What does it all do?

  • Directories 
    • How do I create a directory? 
    • How do I delete directories? 
    • How do I switch directories? 
  • File Management 
    • View File Types
    • Refreshing Your File List
    • Editing a File
    • Deleting a File
    • Renaming a File
    • Creating a File
      • Templates
      • EZ-Web
  • Uploading files
    • How do I upload a file?
    • What type of files can I upload?
    • Why do I receive an error?
    • Do files I upload over ride other files?
  • Various Features
    • Changing user info
      • Password
      • Site Name/Description
    • WebBoard
    • Guestbook
  • Other errors and questions
    • Error: This service is temporarily not available 
    • Error: The username or password you entered it wrong
    • Error: This directory already exists
    • Error: The directory you requested can not be written to
    • How do I know how much web space I have?